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The step by step descriptions in your PDF downloads are very detailed and more than enough to help you implement these plays and strategies with your team. But if you’re like me, nothing beats a video demonstration.

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Concepts for an Unstoppable Offense

Platinum Video Package

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Your instructor for this online clinic is Coach Steve Axman himself... former coach at UCLA, Washington, Idaho, Stanford and Arizona... and one of the most respected offensive gurus on the planet!

  • Step by Step Video Instructions

    Watch and learn, while Coach Axman breaks down each concept, and delivers dozens of useful implementation tips and shortcuts to help you take these tactics to the field immediately!

  • Detailed Play Diagrams

    Coach Axman uses projection-style diagrams to illustrate critical plays and strategies right in front of your eyes. If you’re a visual learner (80% of us are) then this will really bring everything to life.

  • Real NCAA Football Game Film

    Want to see how these plays and strategies work against a real live defense? The Platinum Video Package is filled with live game cut-ups to illustrate the key concepts in living color!

  • Skill Development and Fundamentals

    You’ll also learn dozens of powerful tips to coach up your quarterbacks, o-linemen, receivers and running backs. For a powerful offense unit that dominates your league!

In all, you're getting 4 step by step video modules - over 2 hours and 28 minutes of plays, strategies and "insider" secrets for building a powerhouse offensive program.

Here's a quick breakdown...

Module 1: Pass Game Strategies

Online Video Clinic - 61 Minutes Long ($40.00 value)

In this video, Coach Axman reveals his proven "go-to" plays and techniques for an explosive passing game. You'll learn...

  • Dozens of little-known tactics to develop a top-notch quarterback
  • Route running tips for receivers
  • Pass protection strategies to give your QB more time in the pocket
  • And a lot more!

Module 2: Running Game Strategies

Online Video Clinic - 32 Minutes Long ($40.00 value)

This module is packed with proven plays and strategies to help you develop a dominating ground game starting tonight. You'll learn...

  • How to own the line of scrimmage with exceptional offensive line play
  • Exactly which base runs should be in your playbook
  • The best way to use misdirections and backfield faking
  • And a lot more!

Module 3: Practicing to Win

Online Video Clinic - 26 Minutes Long ($40.00 value)

Packed with 9 essential tips for flawless execution, this video will show you exactly how to make the best possible use of your offensive practice time.

  • Easy coaching techniques to eliminate dropped passes, fumbles and other costly mistakes
  • How to get your kids more focused and engaged for game-time
  • The 10 play situations you MUST work on every week
  • And a lot more!

Module 4: How to Design a Killer Playbook

Online Video Clinic - 23 Minutes Long ($40.00 value)

This is THE essential resource for any head coach or coordinator who wants to develop a powerhouse offense. You'll learn...

  • 18 essential "rules" for developing a high-scoring attack
  • Sneaky play calling tricks to throw the defense off balance and keep them guessing
  • Game planning strategies to attack a defense's weaknesses
  • And a lot more!

That's 2 Hours and 28 Minutes
Of Incredible Video Instruction!

All explained with detailed step by step instructions, coaching pointers and real game film.

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