Discover 21 Simple, Fun and Effective Plays for an Unstoppable Youth Football Offense!

Introducing the Ultimate Youth Football Playbook

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 What's Inside?

The Ultimate Youth Football Playbook is packed with 21 game-tested plays that are easy to learn, simple to teach, and work like gangbusters at the youth football level.

Here's a quick breakdown...

Running Plays

The foundation of any youth football offense is your running game. And we've provided seven quick-hitting plays with straightforward blocking schemes - to help you dominate possession and march the ball downfield.

FB Dive

FB Trap


HB Toss/Sweep

Inside Zone

Outside Zone


Play Action Plays

To add deception and keep your opponents guessing, we've also included seven proven play-action plays. Each one is based on a core running play - so you can catch cheating defenses off guard, and earn more explosive gains for your team!

FB Dive Left Pop Pass 2

FB Trap Slant 2

HB ISO Fake 518

HB Toss Pass 9

Inside Zone Bootleg 59

Outside Zone Go 95

Counter FB Curl 4

Passing Plays

Last, but not least, you'll get seven simple passing plays designed specifically for youth football teams. Add these to your scheme to get more players involved, force the defense to respect the threat, and make running the ball easier.

Quick Pass 152

Quick Throw 15

Deep 99

Corner 271

Right Flow 764

Double Comeback 33

Power Screen 13

To shorten the learning curve and really make sure you and your players "get" this stuff immediately, every play is explained with step by step instructions, diagrams, and simple coaching tips. You'll learn:

The best situations to run the play

How the defense might react to it

Blocking instructions for each offensive linemen

Route running instructions for each receiver

Point of attack instructions for running backs

Drops, reads and receiver progressions for the quarterback

Plus, Get These 3 Free Bonuses

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FREE BONUS #1: Full Team Playbook License

After you download the playbook, you have my permission to reprint up to 50 copies of it for your own coaching staff and players... so you can get your entire team up to speed as quickly as possible!

PLEASE NOTE: the playbook is copyrighted so you can't share it with other teams or post it online (trust me - you're going to want to keep these wickedly effective plays to yourself anyway!)

FREE BONUS #2: Top 10 Competitive Football Drills

This 23 page report reveals my top 10 game situation drills that pit your offense against your defense!

Each drill is explained with step by step instructions, coaching tips and clear diagrams, so you can start using them in practice right away!

FREE BONUS #3: Offensive Football Cheat Sheets

Blocking Cheat Sheet

Detailed diagrams and descriptions for the 5 key blocking techniques every youth football coach should know.

Passing Tree Cheat Sheet

Learn how to execute the 10 essential pass routes, complete with diagrams and step by step instructions. This is a "must-have" training aid for any young quarterback or receiver!

Offensive Terminology Cheat Sheet

Get 52 terms and definitions explained in plain English, including blocking schemes, coverage types, and common abbreviations. Perfect for the new coach, or for the experienced coach who needs a quick refresher.

Play Calling Cheat Sheet

Learn a simple playcalling system that dictates the formation, ball carrier, point of attack and blocking scheme. A great tool to get your offensive players and coaching staff speaking the same language and on the same page!

How to Win More Football Games

1. Download & Print

Save the PDF playbook directly to your computer or mobile device, you can access directly on your device or print.

2. Stress-Free Installation

Follow the step by step instructions to install the plays and work on them in practice.

3. Work Less. Win More.

Our playbooks are simple to install and help you win. Thousands of players, coaches & parents report back with more wins while doing less work.

Changing Coaches Lives Across the Country

My little New Braunfels Junior Ravens had an undefeated season with 6 shutouts and only 3 touchdowns scored on them the entire season.  Thanks!

Rick A. Kiesling

New Braunfels Junior Ravens, Texas

Last season we went from 4-4 to 6-2 and increased our scoring average from 12 pts per game to 18 pts/game. We have improved our execution, gotten more "Ws", and had more fun! Our offense is becoming a well-oiled machine!

Juan Carlos Valdes

Head Coach, Cimmarones Football

We won the WLJFL Championship this year! We got more work done in less time, which gave us more time to run plays. Thanks Coach Steve for getting all the coaches together in this form.

Eric Carrier

Livonia Orioles, WJFL 11-12 Year Old Champs

Using these concepts, I'm now able to approach game planning with a more organized approach. We increased our scoring by 5 points per game in the last two years.  I liked the clarity, and would recommend this to ANY coach who needs help with game planning.

Stu Wyckoff

Aroostook Huskies Football Club, Presque Isle, Maine

My little New Braunfels Junior Ravens had an undefeated season with 6 shutouts and only 3 touchdowns scored on them the entire season. We used quite a few of the drills and such from your books this year and it really paid off. Thanks!

Rick A. Kiesling

New Braunfels Junior Ravens, Texas

As a first time youth head football coach, I was looking for a system that would help me run drills and set up practice. Your practice plans have helped me immensely. Now there is a good tempo to practice with new drills, and the kids love it!

Mike Dutra

Coastal Tritons Pee Wee, San Diego, CA