13 Essential Drills for a Dominant Offensive Line

Introducing The Ultimate Offensive Line Skill Development Guide

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The Fastest, Easiest Way To Build a Top-Notch O-Lineman

Inside the Offensive Line Skills and Drills eBook, you'll discover 13 simple, fun and wickedly effective drills to develop a rock-solid offensive line... and dramatically boost your point production.

No fluff and NO B.S.

Just the raw drills and coaching tips that will engage your kids in practice, unlock the secrets to a prolific offense, and give you the knowledge and confidence of a championship coach!

The eBook begins with a breakdown of basic blocking fundamentals, and explains the key techniques every coach needs to master.

Blocking Fundamentals

How to teach the proper pre-set, stance and hitting position to young offensive linemen. This is the #1 key to safe, effective blocking technique.

Stance to Start Drill: Helps offensive linemen master the all-important β€œfirst step” - so they can explode off the line with a powerful leg drive, and neutralize bigger, faster defenders with ease!

Two Step Pop Drill: The best way to develop precise, nimble blocking footwork... for a rock-solid base, multi-directional agility, and a explosive hand punch that will blow defenders right off the ball

Drive Block Drill: Teaches the most basic blocking scenario in a controlled, step by step fashion. Perfect for young linemen who are learning the basics... or more experienced kids who need a refresher

Reach Block Drill: Learn the best way to seal a defender to the inside, and open huge rushing lanes along the sideline

Down Block Drill: How to master down-blocking technique - so you can stop an inside defender cold in his tracks, and prevent any penetration into the backfield

Scoop Block Drill: Learn to master the scoop block and execute it with precision in game situations. Critical for option attack teams...

Veer Block Drill: Teaches offensive lineman how to prevent the defensive player from getting access to the top of the shoulder pad, pushing them inside and closing the veer lane

Arc Blocking Drill: Teaches tight ends how to get outside and effectively block the "force" player attacking the pitch

Game Situation Blocking Drills

Center & Guards vs 40 Stack Drill: This fun drill pits a center and two guards against two inside players and two stacked linebackers and teaches the offensive players how to protect the A side play gap. This drill is sure to get the players excited and bring out their competitive spirit!

Guard and Tackle Scoop Block Drill: Run this drill enough and your players will be fully prepared for a common game time situation against a 4-3 or a 40 stack defense in which the center is uncovered, so the primary scoop block happens between the guard and the tackle

Gap Call/Vertical Double Team Drill: In games an inside defensive player will often try to take advantage of a line split – this drill teaches offensive linemen an auxiliary block to use to stop the defensive player in his tracks

Fold Block/Tight End & Tackle Drill: Teaches the tackle and tight end how to fold block and widen the B and C gap - opening a huge rushing lane for big gain potential

Fold Block/Guard and Tackle Drill: Teaches the guard and tackle how to fold block to increase the A and/or B gap

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PLEASE NOTE: the ebook is copyrighted so you can't share it with other teams or post it online (trust me - you're going to want to keep these wickedly effective drills to yourself anyway!)

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Offensive Line Skills and Drills eBook
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