18 Simple, Fun & Effective Drills For a High Scoring Passing Game

At every level of football - from Pop Warner to the NFL - the Passing Game is becoming more and more important.

That's not saying you need to throw the ball 35 times per game.

Or have a junior Peyton Manning firing lasers from the pocket.

But if you do need to have a LEGITIMATE passing threat in your offensive scheme.

Otherwise, you're going to see a lot of fully loaded boxes.

Well-coached teams will shut down your run game completely.

And your offense will grind to a halt.

How To Quickly Improve Your Passing Game

To take your passing game to the next level, you need to engage your quarterbacks and receivers with fresh, fun and effective drills in practice.

You need to help them master the fundamentals. So they can execute consistently at game time.

That's why we created these Print n' Go Passing Game Practice Plans.

We've done the hard work for you. And created 5 fun and effective passing-themed practice plans you can take right to the field.

No stress. No fuss. No wasted time.

You just have fun with the kids and take all the credit.

Passing Game Development... Simplified

At Football Tutorials, our job is to make your life easy.

So we created a step by step guide to developing passing game fundamentals that works for every age and competitive level.

Each practice is packed with championship-tested drills to build key offensive skills. All organized into a proven formula, guaranteed to save you time, eliminate your coaching stress, and rapidly improve your team.

So no matter how busy you are, or how little experience you have, you can run an AMAZING football practice that will engage your kids (and impress other coaches and parents)... starting tonight!

Here's How It Works

  • Download

    Save the PDF file directly to your computer or mobile device.

  • Review

    Take 5 minutes to review the drill descriptions and coaching tips.

  • Practice

    Print out your practice plan and take it right to the field!

You'll Get 18 Simple Drills for Passing Game Fundamentals

We'll start by breaking down 18 simple, fun and effective football drills to help you build a championship offense.

The focus is on the fundamentals - agility, footwork, passing mechanics, route-running, receiving, and reading coverages. Everything you need to boost the skill level of your quarterbacks, receivers and tight ends... and start winning more games.

Each drill is broken down with step by step instructions, diagrams, and coaching tips. So they're easy to use - even if you're brand new to coaching.

  • Quick Release Drill
  • High Release Drill
  • Fade Drill
  • Around the World
  • Hide & Seek
  • 1 on 1 Passing
  • Deep Ball Drill
  • Over the Middle
  • Dynamic Warmup
  • Open Man Drill
  • Pocket Presence Drill
  • 40 Yard Buildups
  • QB Scramble
  • Goal Line Passing
  • Routes on Air
  • 7 on 7 Passing Game
  • Passing Play Review
  • Find the Window

Plus 5 Print n Go Practice Plans

You'll also get 5 pre-designed passing-themed practice plans to help you run the most efficient, most effective, and most stress-free practice you can.

Each practice includes a dynamic warm-up, station-based skill development, and game-like drills to rapidly improve your players.

You can break out into position groups and customize the plans for your needs, or run your entire team through the same drills to help them master the fundamentals.

Just print out the plan (or save it to your phone), head to the field, and get ready to run a killer practice!

  • 60 Minute Quarterbacks Workout
  • 60 Minute Receivers Workout
  • 90 Minute Passing Game Practice I
  • 90 Minute Passing Game Practice II
  • 120 Minute Passing Game Practice

5 Levels of Contact for Safer Practices

To reduce the risk of injury, USA Football recommends no more than 90 minutes per week of full-contact drills (or 120 minutes during the pre-season).

So, to make it easy on you and your coaching staff, we marked each drill with a "Level of Contact" icon, ranging from "Air" to "Live."

So you can introduce skills in a safe, progressive way before advancing to full-contact drills, spend the right amount of time in helmets and pads, and help your kids master the fundamentals more quickly.

  • Air

    Intensity Level 1

    Drill is run unopposed and without contact

  • Bag

    Intensity Level 2

    Drill is run against a bag or soft-contact surface

  • Control

    Intensity Level 3

    Drill is run at an assigned speed until the moment of contact with one player as the predetermined winner. Contact is above the waist, and players stay on their feet.

  • Thud

    Intensity Level 4

    Drill is run at competitive speed through the moment of contact. There is no predetermined winner. Contact is above the waist, players stay on their feet, and a quick whistle ends the drill.

  • Live

    Intensity Level 5

    Drill is run in game-like conditions. This is the only time players are taken to the ground.

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