The Ultimate Back Yard Football Workout

26 Fun & Effective Drills for At-Home Football Training

Quickly Boost Your Football Skills With These Step by Step Workouts

  • Skyrocket your athleticism with pro-level speed and agility drills
  • Become a confident and explosive ball-carrier, with simple drills to improve your footwork, balance, and ball-security
  • Take your receiving skills to the next level, with proven route-running and pass-catching drills
  • Develop precise footwork and elite passing mechanics, so you can dominate the game from the quarterback position
  • Improve your kicking skills, with fun drills for place-kicking power and accuracy
  • Minute by minute training plans show you exactly what to do, so you can work out on your own, with a partner, or in a full-team setting.


26 Illustrated Drill Sheets For Rapid Skill Development

Each football drill is featured on a one-page mini-poster, including full-color illustrations, diagrams, detailed instructions, and simple coaching tips.

The drills range from basic to advanced. Covering everything you'll need to improve fundamentals in all the skill positions.

All the drills can be done in the back yard, at the park, or in any small space you have available.

So they're perfect for solo workouts, small group workouts, or even skill development stations at practice.

It's all broken down into 5 sections:

Part 1: Speed & Agility Drills

Recommended for all positions. These drills develop an athletic foundation that builds better balance, coordination, speed, quickness, agility and power.

No matter what position you play or how old you are... they're guaranteed to improve your performance on the field!

  • Stops and Starts Drill
  • Cone Agility Drill
  • Hex Jump Drill
  • Medicine Ball High Knees Drill
  • Resistance Running Drill
  • Cone Conditioning Drill
  • Ladder Hops to Carioca

Part 2: Ball-Carrier Drills

Recommended for running backs, quarterbacks, kick-returners, receivers and tight ends. These drills give players the tools to maintain ball security, break tackles, elude defenders and explode for big plays.

  • Jump Cut Drill
  • Shuffle and Switch Drill
  • X Agility Drill
  • Hop and Switch Drill

Part 3: Receiving Drills

Recommended for receivers, tight ends and running backs. These drills will help players develop razor-sharp route-running ability, increase their catch radius, develop and soft, strong hands on the ball.

  • Around the World Catching Drill
  • Goalie Receiving Drill
  • Wall Catch Drill
  • Blind Side Receiving Drill
  • WR Footwork Drill

Part 4: Passing Drills

Recommended for quarterbacks. These drills focus on passing mechanics, drop footwork, and decision making in the pocket. To help QB's escape rushers, fit balls into tight windows, and create explosive plays downfield.

  • Knee Throwing Drill
  • Circle Passing Drill
  • Pocket Presence Drill
  • Pressure Escape Drill
  • Sudden Escape Drill
  • Solve the Problem Drill

Part 5: Kicking Drills

A series of mechanical drills to help kickers develop a stronger, more reliable and more accurate leg... for both field goal and kickoff duties.

  • Field Goal Footwork Drill
  • No Step Kicking Drill
  • Follow Through Kicking Drill


You'll Also Get 6 Step by Step Workout Plans

($9.95 Value)

Your Back Yard Football Drills package also includes 5 pre-designed workout plans. Showing you exactly what drills to do and how many reps and sets you need to get the desired result.

Just print the workout (or save it to your phone) and head right to the back yard or park. You'll have everything you need to quickly boost your football skills.

Here's what's included:

  • 30 Minute Speed & Agility Workout
  • 30 Minute Running Back Workout
  • 30 Minute Receiver Workout
  • 30 Minute Quarterback Workout
  • 30 Minute Kicker Workout
  • 30 Minute All-Around Football Workout

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Who Is This For?

  • Coaches

    Every drill can be run using individuals OR small groups. Perfect for a station-based workout with your team.

  • Players

    Rapidly improve your football skills no matter what position you play. Step up your game and earn the respect of coaches and scouts!

  • Parents

    Quickly improve your child’s football skills with these simple, at-home drills and exercises. Great for the back yard or park.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask. 

  • q-iconWhat age level is this for?

    The workouts are designed for players age 8-18, at all competitive levels. Each drill is marked with a difficulty rating from Easy to Advanced, so you can pick and choose the drills that work best for you and your team.

  • q-iconDo I need any special equipment?

    For most drills, all you need is a football. Cones are helpful, but not essential. Some drills do require additional football equipment. But you can easily substitute using basic household items that we recommend. For example, a backpack stuffed with clothes makes a great DIY medicine ball. Chalk or tape can be used instead of an agility ladder. And pool noodles can be used instead of agility bags!

  • q-iconIs this for players or coaches?

    All the drills can be done by a single player, or with a partner or small group. So they’re perfect for at-home skill development, individually or with a parent-helper.

    But we also highly recommend these drills for coaches and teams. You can create a killer stations-based practice by rotating your players through each of these drills. Or print the workouts and give them to the kids as “football homework.”

  • q-iconHow do I access the drills and workouts?

    As soon as your order is securely processed, we’ll send you into the members area where you can access everything in PDF format. You can download the drills to your computer, print a hard copy, or save them to your mobile device.

    There’s no waiting for anything in the mail, and no shipping costs.

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